Property Owners, Managers, & Other Partners

IHDA-Assisted Multifamily Rental Housing

IHDA and its Asset Management department welcome you to this page which outlines key information and helpful resources for the management of IHDA-assisted multifamily rental housing.

IHDA’s Asset Management department is responsible for ensuring effective and efficient program administration and long-term compliance for the largest portfolio of affordable multifamily rental housing in the state of Illinois. This work encompasses physical, financial, and operational compliance oversight for 1,925 properties containing 101,906 units – and growing – that utilize a variety of financial instruments including debt, equity, and operating subsidy. The Asset Management department works in partnership with property developers, owners, and managers as well as other funders, interagency groups, and stakeholders.

IHDA and its Asset Management department are excited to announce the 2021 Compliance Connection resource portal which outlines annual compliance requirements and options for our valued partners – property owners and managers. Please check out the link below to access related information and documentation including guidance on use: 

2021 Compliance Connection

BDS User Manual – for Owners and Agents
BDS is a web portal available to property Owners and Agents to manage submission of documents with information that requires protection. This manual provides guidance on how to use the BDS system.

DMS Authority Online User Manual – for Owners Agents
DMS Authority Online is a web portal available to property Owners and Agents to manage compliance reporting directly into IHDA’s DMS. This manual provides guidance on how to use the DMS Authority Online system.

Financial Analysis

Audit Guidelines

Financial reporting and audit guidelines for mortgagors of multifamily housing developments.

Exhibit A – Single Year Schedule of Financial Performance (Excel)

Required to be submitted with annual financial statements.

Audit – Sample of Owner & Agent Certifications

Must be submitted with the annual financial statement. 

IHDA Annual Budget Input Form

Follow these directions to successfully submit the budget review form.  

Reserve Account Withdrawal Form

Reserve Request Instructions

These instructions specify documentation that must be submitted with requests for withdrawals from property reserve accounts held by IHDA. All requests and supporting documentation are to be submitted electronically to

Reserve Withdrawal Request Signature Authorization Form

Loan Servicing

W-9 Form
When seeking reimbursement for any payments, all developments must submit a W-9 Form (Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification). When requesting that vendors be paid directly, the vendor’s W-9 Form must be submitted with the payment request.

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Enrollment Form
All properties with loans are expected to enroll in electronic Automated Clearing House (ACH) withdrawals and deposits. Be sure to fill out both the DEBIT (for IHDA to withdraw from your account, such as a monthly payment) and CREDIT (for IHDA to deposit to your account, such as an escrow disbursement) forms as applicable to your bank accounts. IHDA requires both a signed PDF and an electronic Excel file for each DEBIT or CREDIT form. Please submit a copy of a voided check for each account being enrolled along with your submission files to

Annual Certifications

Consolidated Certificate of Compliance

Tenant Profile Compliance Report (HOME, CDBG, NHTF, NSP)

Section 8 Income Targeting – Extremely Low-Income (30%)

Section 8 HUD-9834 Addendum B

Ownership Structure Certification (Exhibit C)

Certification of Incumbency for Document Execution Authorization

HOME Lease Riders

Home Annual Student Certification

Rental Schedules/Worksheets-Section 8

Instructions for Rent and Utility Allowance Request

Contract Renewal Request Form

AAF Rent Comparability Study (RCS) Worksheet

AAF Rent Increase Worksheet for New Construction and Substantial Rehabilitation

Appendix 3: Sample Format for Owner’s Certification of Compliance with the Requirements of Notice

Rental Schedules/Worksheets-All Other Programs

Instructions for Rent and Utility Allowance Request

Rent and Utility Allowance Request

Utility Allowance Summary

Management Agreement Extension

Management Agreement Extension and Amendment

Tenant Management

Tenant Selection Plan – Other Programs

Tenant Selection Plan – Other Programs – Exhibits and Addendums

Tenant Selection Plan – Section 8 Programs 

Tenant Selection Plan – Section 8 Programs – Exhibits and Addendums 

Tenant Selection Plan – Section 8 Moderate Rehabilitation Developments

Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plan (AFHMP) Initial and Ongoing

Management Plan Requirement Guidelines

Addendum to Management Plan Average Income Test Components

Quarterly Occupancy and Waitlist Reporting

HUD Fair Housing Poster – English

HUD Fair Housing Poster – Spanish

Sample Wait List Form

VAWA Model Emergency Transfer Plan – PDF Version

VAWA Emergency Model Transfer Plan – Word Version

VAWA Resource Referral Guide

Tax Credit

Acceptable Forms of Income and Asset Verification

TC Under $5K Asset Certification

IAHTC State Tax Credit Guide
Building Data Report

Tax Credit Annual Compliance Fee Payment and Mailing Instructions

Sample Tax Credit Lease Addendum
The Tax Credit Lease Addendum should be signed by the resident and Manager and attached to your lease agreement if your current lease agreement does not include Section 42 language as identified in this sample Addendum.

The Feedback Forms below are to be used only for IHDA Properties.

Applicant/Tenant Complaint Form

Use this form to file an applicant or tenant complaint on an IHDA-financed property.

SRN Tenant Complaint Form

Use this form for Statewide Referral Network or Section 811 program developments.

Management Bulletin 521 (4/1/2021)

Cook County Assessor’s RPIE Tool Webinar

Management Bulletin 520 (3/31/2021)

Extension of State and Federal Prohibitions on Evictions

Management Bulletin 519 (3/11/2021)

2021 Illinois Rental Payment Program

Management Bulletin 518 (2/11/2021)

Issuance of 2021 Compliance Connection

Management Bulletin 517 (2/9/2021)

IRS Renews COVID-19 Regulatory Relief for LIHTC Properties

Management Bulletin 516 (2/8/2021)

HUD Renews HOME Program Regulatory Relief

Management Bulletin 515 (1/21/2021)

2021 OCAF Adjustment

Management Bulletin 514 (1/21/2021)

2021 Social Security COLA Increase

Management Bulletin 513 (1/21/2021)

2021 Security Deposit Interest Rate

Management Bulletin 512 (1/14/2021)

Update on State and Federal Prohibitions on Evictions


2020 Management Bulletins
Management Bulletin 511 (11/17/2020)

RHS Documentation Submission Updates

Management Bulletin 510 (10/29/2020)

RHS Documentation Submission Updates

Management Bulletin 509 (10/23/2020)

Tenant Event Reporting for Years Prior to 2020 Compliance Year

Management Bulletin 508 (9/4/2020)

Eviction Restrictions

Management Bulletin 507 (8/19/2020)

Emergency Rental Assistance (ERA) Program

Management Bulletin 506 (8/4/2020)

LIHTC Program Regulatory Relief

Management Bulletin 505 (7/6/2020)

Property Contact Information – Update with IHDA Asset Management

Management Bulletin 504 (6/30/2020)

2020 Income / Rent Limits for HOME, HTF, NSP Programs

Management Bulletin 503 (6/26/2020)

CARES Act Eviction Moratorium – HUD Model Documents

Management Bulletin 502 (6/9/2020)

Updates to COVID-19 Guidance

Management Bulletin 501 (5/1/2020)

COVID-19 Guidance on Evictions

Management Bulletin 500 (4/30/2020)

HUD 2020 Income Limits

Management Bulletin 499 (4/29/2020)

HOME COVID-19 Waivers

Management Bulletin 498 (4/20/2020)

LIHTC Annual Income Certifications

Management Bulletin 497 (4/17/2020)

Section 811 File Audit Reviews Suspended

Management Bulletin 496 (4/16/2020)

Management and Occupancy Reviews (MORs) Suspended

Management Bulletin 495 (4/9/2020)

IHDA Asset Management COVID-19 FAQ

Management Bulletin 494 (4/1/2020)

COVID-19 Response – Audit Filing Extension

Management Bulletin 493 (3/20/2020)

IHDA is Open for Business

Management Bulletin 492 UPDATE (3/13/2020)

Modification of Asset Management Monitoring Activities based on COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Management Bulletin 492 (3/11/2020)

Interim Guidance on COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Management Bulletin 490 (3/6/2020)

Cook County Assessor’s Real Property Income & Expense (RPIE) Data Tool

Management Bulletin 489 (2/26/2020)

FAQs on Citizenship and Social Security Number Requirements

Management Bulletin 488 (2/20/2020)

2020 OCAF Adjustment

Management Bulletin 487 (2/7/2020)

New HUD Guidance on Assistance Animals

Management Bulletin 486 (1/17/2020)

IHDA Audit Guidelines

2019 Management Bulletins

Management Bulletin 485 (8/5/2019)

IHDA LIHTC Manual for Owners and Agents

Management Bulletin 484 (6/26/19)

2019 HOME Limits

Management Bulletin 483 (6/20/19)

Point of Contact Updates

Management Bulletin 482 (5/10/19)

HUD 2019 Income Limits

Management Bulletin 481 (2/4/19)

2019 Security Deposit Interest Rate