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Financing the Creation and Preservation of Affordable Housing in Illinois.


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Illinois residents responded in record numbers to the Emergency Rental Assistance and Emergency Mortgage Assistance programs and the application period for each program has closed.  We are expecting to fund about 40% of the rental applications and about 50% of the mortgage applications.


  • For those who applied for Emergency Rental Assistance, application status notifications began September 10th and will continue through November 10th, when full disbursement of funds is expected.   
    For those who applied for Emergency Mortgage Assistance, notifications are expected to be sent out beginning in October. Grant disbursements cannot be made until the mortgage servicer responds, which can take some time.
  • The Illinois Housing Development Authority (IHDA) is working as expeditiously as it can to process applications and notify applicants. Staff is unable to provide updates for individual applications, so please refrain from contacting IHDA regarding your application status.


A submission does not guarantee approval of your application. If you were unable to apply, or did not qualify and need additional assistance, please visit our COVID-19 Housing Resources page for other resources and information that may provide aid.


As always, if you are able to make your rent or mortgage payments, please continue to do so. If you need immediate assistance, please be proactive and speak with your landlord or mortgage servicer about your specific situation.

Governor Pritzker 

Mortgage and Rental Relief Programs

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