Supportive Housing



At IHDA, we believe every person, regardless of illness or limitation, should have the freedom to choose to live as independently as possible in settings appropriate to their own personal needs and preferences. That is why we commit significant resources to the development of permanent affordable housing that offers elective supportive services that allow residents to achieve long-term housing stability. In fact, 2,200 units (15%) of IHDA’s production over the last five years has been supportive housing.

If you are interested in developing supportive housing but don’t know where to begin, check out the tools and resources in the side bar for assistance.

IHDA is now accepting applications for the Permanent Supportive Housing Development Program (PSH) which will fund developments serving extremely low-income persons with disabilities, persons experiencing homelessness and other vulnerable populations. Eligible developments may contain no more than 25 units and are required to set aside a minimum of 10 percent of units for referrals through the Statewide Referral Network. Funding will be awarded to the highest scoring applications. The deadline for submitting applications under the Permanent Supportive Housing Development Program has been extended to February 27, 2017. To apply for funding, please follow the instructions provided in the Request For Application form.  You may submit any questions to