Becoming An IHDA Lender




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IHDA works with a wide variety of  lenders across the state to provide access to financing programs that help their customers get into homes they otherwise couldn’t afford. To boost your business, become an IHDA lender today.

We require lenders to be:

  • Information provided on any included forms (contacts or branches) will become the only ones active with IHDA and all others will be deactivated.
  • Licensed to do business in Illinois
  • In good standing with the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation
  • Direct originators (brokers are not permitted)
  • Able to close and fund the loan in the lender’s own name
  • Approved with U.S. Bank Home Mortgage MRBP

There is no charge to become an IHDA lender. And the processing for an IHDA loan can be completed in the same timeframe as a traditional mortgage, which means there’s no significant impact to the closing schedule.

  • NEW IHDA Lenders
  • To join our network of lenders simply review and complete the items listed on the Lender Onboarding Application.
“Alpine Bank is proud to be an IHDA partner and our lending business has definitely benefited from this relationship. When we started working with IHDA 20 years ago, we originated about a dozen loans. Now, that number has grown to approximately 250 loans originated annually, which has enabled us to help more people in our community realize the joy of owning a home. It didn’t take long to perfect a process that involves completing just a few extra forms for IHDA’s programs that help us get the best value for our customers while really helping to grow our business.”
~ Cass Wolfenberger, Senior Vice President of Mortgage Banking, Alpine Bank