Affordable Rental Unit Survey (ARUS)

5-year American Community Survey (ACS) Estimates are used in the determination of this metric.

Please Note:  The Affordable Rental Unit Survey shown on the map below and posted elsewhere on this site have been updated as of August 2023 utilizing the most current available ACS data. IHDA has included a variety of area median incomes (AMI) with the current update.

IHDA uses an Affordable Rental Unit Survey (ARUS) to examine the estimated number and percentage of units affordable (regardless of subsidy) to various income levels by Census Tract throughout Illinois. This helps to analyze market need as it allows IHDA to examine the “on-the-ground” affordability within individualized markets. This survey is based on data collected from American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates and includes housing units that are subsidized and/or rent-restricted, as well as housing units without any subsidies or rent-restrictions. To provide clarity and transparency to the analysis conducted for this survey, an ARUS Background and Methodology document has been prepared.

ARUS data is available for each census tract in Illinois via the fully searchable mapping tool. Click on the map below to search.