IHDA Market Analysis Application (IMAA)

IMAA, is a tool designed by IHDA’s Strategic Planning and Reporting (SPAR) team that is intended to aid all affordable housing practitioners in analyzing markets and site appropriateness. IMAA provides market level data aggregated by census tracts that can help with tenant targeting, local coordination, income targeting etc. IMAA can be used to build better and more competitive applications and to better address the underlying housing needs of Illinoisans throughout the state.

The IHDA Market Analysis Application (IMAA) summarizes economic, demographic and housing information based on the market area that a user selects. The data presented in the Market Analysis Application is generally aggregated from publicly available data. Additional market-level access to many of IHDA’s independently published metrics and measurements are also incorporated. In depth descriptions of these metrics are provided elsewhere on the SPAR-maintained Market Analysis link on IHDA.org.

Click on the image below to access the IHDA Market Analysis Application.

You can find a detailed list of instructions on how to use the IMAA tool here

(We recommend that you set your web browser to 80% when viewing.)

For additional guidance on how to access the functionality of the Market Analysis Application, please see our PowerPoint Presentation that will be periodically updated to answer Frequently Asked Questions.  Please also feel free to contact imaa@ihda.org with additional questions and comments about the tool. We are constantly looking for ways to improve this tool and are open to evolving it based on public input.