Havana – Manito – Mason County


About the Survey

Prairieland Economic Development Corporation, in partnership with the Illinois Housing Development Authority (IHDA), is undertaking a planning effort in Mason County to expand the capacity of small and rural communities to identify local housing needs, and empower them to take the steps necessary to meet their visions for development. Planning efforts for this partnership will focus on three target areas: the City of Havana, the Village of Manito, and the rural corridor in between those two municipalities. This survey is the first step in our planning process, and engages residents to identify strengths and needs within their community. The results will contribute to the final plan created through this partnership.

We invite all Mason County residents to be a part of this Community Revitalization Strategy process by participating in the Community Needs Assessment Survey. The survey is completely anonymous, and does not collect any identifying information. You should be able to complete it in under 10 minutes. Your participation will help Prairieland Economic Development Corporation identify local needs and goals, and strategize for future planning and investment. The survey first considers several community characteristics such as: Mobility, Community Life, Economy, Education and Wellness, and lastly, Community Engagement and Initiatives. The second portion of the survey further assesses your community input.

You can download a PDF of  this survey here.  If you complete a paper version of this survey, please submit the completed survey via email to Revitalization@IHDA.org
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