Another Family Helped with Assistance Through the Illinois Hardest Hit Program

The Illinois Hardest Hit program has helped thousands of Illinois homeowners who were struggling to make their mortgage payments successfully keep their homes. Here is a touching testimonial from Byron Foxie of Waukegan who received Hardest Hit Fund assistance through the Affordable Housing Corporation of Lake County.

“My son, Tige, was born prematurely at 6 months old with Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS disease). He’s now 18 years old. PWS left him totally disabled and dependent on round-the-clock care including a feeding tube, trach and vent for breathing. I have dedicated my life to caring for my son.
We live in Waukegan in a home that was modified to accommodate Tige’s life support systems. The Make-A-Wish Foundation also built a custom park in our backyard so that Tige can get fresh air and sun exposure. Despite all the challenges over the years, I’ve never missed a mortgage payment because this house is key to his care and our stability.
But then I was suddenly laid off after 15 years working as a shop manager in North Chicago. I wouldn’t be able to make my mortgage payment. I knew that losing our home would force Tige into a distant nursing home, which would be devastating for him and for me. He wouldn’t receive the one-on-one care that he needs like the constant suctioning of his lungs to prevent pneumonia. I had made a pact with Tige early on that I would always be there for him.
I am incredibly grateful that I found the Affordable Housing Corporation of Lake County. I can’t put into words what AHC has meant to us, which is why I’m sharing our story. The staff were so caring and were able to qualify me for the Hardest Hit Fund program which provides financial assistance to help pay my mortgage while I search for a new job.
I’m not in the clear yet. It’s a challenge to find a new job that offers the schedule and flexibility that I need to care for Tige. But AHC helped prevent the loss of my home and Tige’s institutionalization while I search. I am so grateful for everyone who makes it possible. Thank you and please continue to help this important organization help others in our community.
With much gratitude,
Byron Foxie”

We would like to thank Byron for sharing his experience with his son Tige and we wish Byron and his family well. Also a special thanks to the Affordable Housing Corporation of Lake County for their wonderful service.

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