Bond Investors

Thank you for your interest in investing in (or owning) IHDA bonds. IHDA is a bonding authority and independently sells bonds and other debt instruments (collectively Bonds) to support Illinois homebuyers purchasing a first home and to support housing developers building or rehabilitating multi-unit affordable developments.

IHDA’s ability to sell Bonds depends on the strength of its credit rating. Nationally recognized rating agencies assign IHDA a credit rating based on an assessment of the Authority’s operations and ability to meet its Bond and obligations. Despite a volatile housing market, IHDA has successfully maintained a strong credit rating and currently has an issuer credit rating of:

Moody’s Investors Service (A1 Stable)

Standard & Poor’s (AA- Stable)

Fitch Ratings (AA- Stable)

In this section, you will find documents and links to important information about our bond programs, including:

• Rating Agency Reports

• Official Statements

• Disclosure Reports

• Financial Accountability Reports