Rental Assistance

Tenants looking for help with rental assistance must be prepared to move into a RHS program property.  We are no longer accepting landlords with existing eligible tenants. 

Created in July 2005, the RHS program is a state funded rental assistance program that provides subsidy to tenants living in RHS units across Illinois.  (The City of Chicago administers its own version of the RHS program.  Tenants who want to reside in the City of Chicago should see the note below). 

IHDA contracts with Local Administering Agencies (LAAs) around the state who manage the RHS program in their communities.  The LAA establishes a wait list, screens tenants, contracts units with landlords, and acts as administrators on IHDA’s behalf. 


Basic Eligibility Requirements:

• household income must be at or below 30 percent of the area median income. Look up area median income.
• tenant must be able to contribute approximately 30 percent of their income to rent
• tenant cannot be receiving other rental assistance such as Section 8 subsidies.


How to apply:

Prospective tenants may contact their local administering agency to verify wait list availability and acquire application information.


Note for Chicago Renters

The City of Chicago administers its own RHS program. Chicago residents interested in getting assistance under the RHS program should call one of the following locations:

Garfield Center (west side) 312/746-5400
North Side Center 312/744-2580
South Chicago Center 312/747-0331
King Center (south side) 312/747-2300
Englewood Center (south side) 312/747-0200
Trina Davila (northwest side) 312/744-2014