Grants for homeowners

IHDA allocates funds to a network of partners across the state to administer a number of programs to help low-income Illinois homeowners to remain living in their homes by providing grants/forgivable loans to repair their homes. These programs are:

Single-Family Owner-Occupied Rehabilitation (SFOOR) Program


Single-Family Owner-Occupied Rehabilitation (SFOOR) Program

A major concern of low-income Illinois homeowners is keeping up with necessary but costly repairs. This is particularly true of older homes with weathered roofs, worn siding, outdated plumbing and heating systems, drafty windows, or outmoded electrical wiring. To help solve this problem, resources from the HOME Investment Partnership Program (HOME) are used to help low-income homeowners afford these expenses under the Single-Family Owner-Occupied Rehabilitation (SFOOR) program.

SFOOR assistance to homeowners is provided in the form of a deferred, forgivable loan at zero percent interest. If the direct subsidy to the homeowner is less than $14,999, the loan is forgiven over a five year period. If the direct subsidy is between $15,000 and $40,000, the loan is forgiven over a ten year period.

Basic Eligibility Requirements:

• household income must be at or below 80 percent of the area median income
• SFOOR participants must continue to occupy the property to be rehabilitated as their principal residence
• the appraised value of a property after rehabilitation must be under the Maximum Appraised Value ceiling set for a given area
• rehabilitated single-family properties must meet both federal and state standards for repair.

The use of HOME funds carries certain restrictions on the use of the assisted property, as well as upon any proceeds realized from the sale of the home. If the homeowner moves out or sells the home before this time period has expired, a portion of the HOME funds may need to be repaid by the homeowner.

How to apply:

Homeowners must contact one of the 2014-2015 SFOOR Program Contacts funded by IHDA to apply.


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