List of IHDA foreclosed properties

Homes For Sale - IHDA Real Estate Owned Disclaimer

The properties listed below are owned by the Illinois Housing Development Authority (“IHDA”) and are available for purchase. The property descriptions and other information have been based on Broker Price Opinions. IHDA has not independently verified this information and does not guarantee its accuracy. Any needed repairs and restoration will be the responsibility of the homebuyer.

Financing may be available through IHDA's Homeownership Mortgage Products that offer affordable interest rates and down payment assistance for borrowers of low to moderate income. To learn more please refer to IHDA Loan Programs on this website or call 877.456.2656 to speak with the Homeownership Originations department.

Questions relating to properties listed here should be directed to the approved Listing Broker associated with the property.

CountyAddressCityZipListing PriceRmsBedrmsBathsLiving AreaLot SizeYear BuiltListing BrokerContact Phone
Carroll 503 W Locust St Lanark 61046 8900 7 3 1 1484 14168 1888 AUBRA PALERMO 815-297-1778
Cook 3156 S Pulaski Rd Chicago 60623 54900 5 2 1 838 3125 1921 GRAZYNA PRZYBYSZ 773-343-2551
Mercer 1506 18TH STREET VIOLA 61486 34900 6 2 1.5 1180 12554 1899 GARY WILLIAMS 309-743-8040
Will 1015 Nicholson St Joliet 60435 29900 0 2 1 990 3600 1899 JIM CONWAY 815-744-6565

Properties listed here are subject to change in price or eligibility at any time and without notice. IHDA is not responsible for any printed materials or other information obtained through the Listing Broker or from any other source.

The properties listed have not been inspected by IHDA. The information provided may or may not accurately and fully reflect the current status of the properties. It is imperative that interested homebuyers should speak with their real estate agent and thoroughly inspect the property and surroundings prior to signing any contracts to verify current status and condition of the property.

All information is provided as is without warranty, guarantee, or contract intended or implied in any manner, shape or form. IHDA and its members, employees and agents shall be held harmless and are not responsible for, and cannot be held liable for any of the information displayed, or any acts, errors, or omissions therein.