Illinois Hardest Hit Program

In 2010, the U.S. Department of Treasury through the Troubled Asset Relief Program (“TARP”), a U.S. Treasury managed resource dedicated to foreclosure prevention and neighborhood stabilization, approved IHDA’s plan to utilize $445 million in federal funds to assist Illinois homeowners struggling to pay their mortgages due to job loss or income reduction in the wake of the financial crisis.  Since then, IHDA has developed and implemented five programs that are funded by U.S. Treasury's Hardest Hit Funds: Homeowner Emergency Loan Program, Mortgage Resolution Fund Program, the Home Preservation Program, the Blight Reduction Program, and the Down Payment Assistance Program.

Blight Reduction Program

For more information and applications for the Blight Reduction Program, see here.

1stHomeIllinois Program

Visit the Getting an IHDA Loan page for more information on the 1stHomeIllinois down payment assistance program

Illinois Hardest Hit Program Reports

IHDA is required to submit progress reports to U.S. Treasury on a quarterly basis. See here to access the Illinois Hardest Hit program reports.


If you are a homeowner looking for help, visit the Illinois Foreclosure Prevention Network (IFPN). IFPN is a one-stop, trusted and reliable source where homeowners can receive information on how to access one-on-one counseling, legal advice and financial assistance. All services are free.

If you are interested in becoming an IHDA partner under the Illinois Hardest Hit program, either as a sponsor or servicer, see the Foreclosure Prevention Partners page under the Partner section of this site.