Public notices

From time to time, IHDA publishes notices to announce public meetings or to announce public hearings regarding programs administered by IHDA or developments financed by IHDA. It is your responsibility to view this Public Notices Page for such notices. IHDA is not responsible for any failure to view this Public Notices Page.
To access current public notices, please use the links below:



Members of the Authority

IHDA Board Meeting Notice and Agenda - November 21, 2014

2014 Schedule of the Regular Meetings of the Members of the Authority


Asset Management Committee

Asset Management Committee Meeting Notice & Agenda - November 21, 2014

2014 Asset Management Committee Meeting Dates


Audit Committee

Audit Committee Meeting Notice & Agenda - September 19, 2014

2014 Schedule of Audit Committee Meetings of the Members of the Authority


Finance Committee

Finance Committee Meeting Agenda - November 21, 2014

2014 Schedule of Finance Committee Meetings of the Members of the Authority


Trust Fund Advisory Commission

Illinois Affordable Housing Trust Fund Advisory Commission Meeting Agenda - March 7, 2014

2014 Schedule of Trust Fund Advisory Commission Meetings of the Members of the Authority


State Housing Appeals Board

State Housing Appeals Board - November 6, 2014 Meeting Agenda

State Housing Appeals Board - Administrative Rules

2014 State Housing Appeals Board Meeting Dates


State Housing Task Force

State Housing Task Force - May 21, 2014 Meeting Agenda

2014 Schedule of State Housing Task Force Meetings



Notices of Sale

Lida Lake Estates - Rochelle, IL

Old Orchard Estates - Carbon Cliff, Illinois

Amber Manor - DeKalb, Illinois

The Pavilion Apartments - Chicago, IL


Notices of Award

Notice of Award / Call Center RFP / 2013-HDA-CA-030

Notice of Award / Legislative Services / 2014-HDA-LE-009

Real Estate Marketing Firm - IHDA Office Space / 2013-HDA-LE-027

Municipal Housing Quantitative Analysts / 2014-HDA-FI-008

Lake Shore Plaza Parking Structure and Plaza Deck Repairs / 2014-HDA-AM-005

Municipal Housing Investment Banking Firms / 2013-HDA-FI-010



Program & Hearing Notices

Illinois Housing Development Authority Low Income Housing Tax Credit Qualified Allocation Plan Draft CY 2015

Notice of Modified Conditions for Issuance of Mortgage Credit Certificates - March 19, 2013

State Consolidated Plan - Draft 2013 Action Plan and Amendment to 2010-2014 Consolidated Plan

Representations under the Municipal Advisor Registration Rules